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Medium and small data center Related products: UPS 10-400KVA

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Comparing to large data center, the structure of medium and small data center is similar. Most of the equipments are also critical loads and require very high reliability. The redundant rate may not as high as large data center, so the power reliability will have to rely on power supply itself. Besides of reliability, flexibility is one of the most important requirements because of the power upgrading possibility.
1. High power UPS system
2. Power distribution unit
3. Battery banks
4. Telecom DC power system
5. Monitoring system

Figure 1 shows RENDA power solution for medium and small data center. Precision power supply system, air conditioning system and monitoring system are the main parts of the infrastructure. According to the exact requirements of different projects, UPS paralleling system or single unit can be the choice.


Figure 1: RENDA solution for medium and small data center

The power source from the utility and the generator are ed by the ATS (automatic transfer switch) and connected to the central PDU (Power distribution unit). ATS will choose one of the sources to feed the connected equipments according to utility condition and customer setting. UPS, telecom DC power supply, and other equipments are connected to the central PDU. According to the requirements of different projects, people can choose central UPS power source or distributed UPS power source. Central UPS configuration usually applies one high power UPS system to feed all the critical loads, and distributed UPS configuration applies several UPSs for different kinds of loads.
The advantage of central UPS configuration is that the UPS and the battery banks are installed together, easy for management and maintenance, the disadvantage is that the power distribution is not flexible. In the case of distributed UPS configuration, the power distribution is flexible that people can choose different kinds of UPSs for different loads, but the management and maintenance of the system is complex.
RENDA power offers the customer reliable and flexible solution for data center applications. In the case of central UPS configuration, RENDA power recommends the modular UPS due to the upgrading requirements. If people choose distributed UPS configuration, RENDA power recommends the tower UPS for the fixed loads, and modular UPS for the growing loads.