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Solar Industerial Solutions

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If you want to go really green, you could equip all your ships with Batteries over reactors.Then of course you need a place to quickly recharge those batteries (15 minutes at top speed) without having to lug Solar Panels along on all your ships.

“Solar Powers” (SP) Solar Gas Station.
36 Solar Panels, perfectly alligned to the sun (36*120 KW = 4,32 MW)
5 Batteries (currently fully charged; 5×4 MW = 20 MW input and output)
2 Rotors, 1 Gyroscope, 1 Console
1 Connector to get energy from
Advised groups for toolbar:
Battery Recharge Mode

The Ship:
Short ‘SH’
A bunch of Thursters, 1 Gyro, Cockpit
5 Batteries as sole power source (marginally charged)
1 Connector on a Pistion as “retractable tanking noozle
Advised Groups for Toolbar:
Connector Lock Mode
Piston Reverse Mode switch
Engine Group Power toggle
Battery charge toggle

How to use:
Use the connector to connect ship and station. Use pistion as nesseary to extend the Connector.
Lock Connector.
Disable Engines, turn Batteries to charging

After you are finished charging, switch the Batteries on the station to recharge mode (so they are full the next time you need them).

Unlock connector
Switch batteries to decharge
Turn on engines
Retract pistion as nesseary

You have to play it in Survival Mode or Batterie will not discharge.

V 1.1 changes:
Switched world to Survival Mode, so battery discharge now properly works.
Modified thrusters on the Ship a bit (moved an uneven from side to backwards thrust)