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UPS 200KVA Data Center Applications

Model: RDNU Series
Related Capacity:200KVA
Related Voltage:380V/400V 415V, three phase
Power Factor: 0.9 to 1
Overload Capacity: 10 mins at 125% load

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  • RENDA Modular UPS power(10KVA,15KVA,20KVA)
    Modular UPS, adopts Double DSP control unit for each modular, independent control system for each modular, no risk of SPOF. It has Ultra-strong flexibility of load, load capacity and power grid. Energy saving power supply can be over 95% of overall efficiency, over 0.99 of power factor, less than 3% of input current harmonics. Renda modular UPS, always your best option !

    Product features
    Design by online double conversion technology, fully isolation the effect for load from city grid or other power network pollution.
    •Up to 0.9 of output power factor adapt massive servers center and network center base on power factor correction technology, increase 10% loaded ability than the traditional UPS.
    •Adopt 6th generation DSP chip and fully digital control technology to provide higher stability for the whole system.
    •Zero phase shift isolated transformer; effectively decrease the impact to convertor from earth and harmonic current of load.
    •Super strong overloaded and sort circuit ability to ensure system safety when limit state.
    •Advance distributed active parallel control technology to realize six machines parallel without a centralize bypass cabinet.
    •Super wide input voltage and frequency supported to fit in the worst city grid.
    •Smart battery management system, automatically battery maintenance, extends battery service life.
    •6 inches super large LCD display, Multilanguage supporting.
    •Layered independent air ducts and redundancy fan layout, PCB covered by conformal coating, built-in fan guard and filter, excellent dust protection when working in severe environment.
    •Extreme strong anti overloading and resistance to short circuit by inverter.
    Working 60 minutes at 110% loaded; working 10 minutes at 125% loaded; working 1 minute at 165% loaded; working 30 seconds at 200% loaded (single phase) because equip the unique Output Current Limiting Technology. The inverter output current will not increases without limit when the output of UPS is heavily overloading or shorting circuit by using this technology. UPS can be very high resistance to short circuit and shock resistance with this technology, so the inverter of this UPS has extremely high reliability. (Each UPS succeed output short circuit test before leave factory)

    •Excellent unbalance loaded with three phases
    When UPS working on 100% loaded, the asymmetric of three phases voltage is less than 2%, the asymmetric of three phases shift is less than 1%. Although some UPS can set three phases unbalance load but not showing the parameter of asymmetric index or higher degree of asymmetric, it may damage the load power supply when UPS working at unbalance output because the high drift of voltage symmetry.
    •ECO power saving mode
    Customer can choose ‘ECO’ mode from control system, UPS change output to bypass automatically when external power grid in a good condition. If the power grid frequency or voltage became unstable UPS can change the output from inverter automatically. This ECO mode can increase the output efficiency up to 97%.
     •Perfect battery management function
    UPS have complete battery management system controlled by centre micro processor: it includes temperature compensation charge system; charge current limit control system; overvoltage charge and over current discharge protection system; LCD real-time display battery capacity percent, backup battery discharge time remaining and controllable period discharge function.
     •Multiple communication method
    Customers can access the UPS menu from computer by RS232/RS485 communication port. On this condition, customer can see about the UPS state from computer with the help of UPS self-testing and self-diagnosis system. When the UPS get into an alarm situation, UPS can send an e-mail or SMS to report this alarm. UPS provide more than 80 different messages to customer; auto save 400 different operating parameters in stack data structure, up to 500 alarm message can be saved. Obvious decrease repair time provide more parameters and data.

  • RDHU series: 160KVA-400KVA (technical parameters)
    Model RDHU33160 RDHU33200 RHDU33250 RDHU33300 RDHU33400
    Rated capacity 160KVA 200KVA 250KVA 300KVA 400KVA
    Rated voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Input character(rectifier)
    Input voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Voltage range 228V-478V
    Current harmonic <=3%
    Power factor >=0.99
    Frequency range 50/60Hz
    DC character
    Charger output voltage accuracy <=1%
    DC ripple wave voltage <=1%
    Output character(inverter)
    Inverter output voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Steady state response time <20ms
    Power factor 0.9 1 0.9 1 0.9
    100% unbalance load voltage asymmetry -0.01
    Balance load voltage asymmetry -0.01
    Overload ability 10 minutes at 125% load
    Frequency accuracy (internal clock) -0.0005
    Charge current 0.2AXC10
    Input voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Voltage range -40%~+20%(default), adjustable by software