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LF Single Phase 1-15kva UPS

Power Range : 1KVA-15KVA
Rated Frequency : 50/60Hz
Voltage range : 220v single phase±20%
Frequency range : 50/60Hz±5% automatic detection
Soft start : 0-100%  5sec
System: Double conversion online

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  • Product description
    Working Mode: Single phase in Single phase out, Low frequency, online double conversion
    1KVA-15KVA online smart UPS is a high stability uninterruptible power supply specially design according to the China Power Grid environment and network systems for high reliability requirements.
    High Reliability Design  Dual-transformation online mode design, making the UPS output the pure UPS with frequency follow-up, locked phase and stable voltage, filtration of distortion degree, low distortion degree and no interference of the fluctuations in power system,and making UPS provide more comprehensive and perfect protection for the user' device.  Zero transformation design for output, meeting the high-standard requirements of the precision equipment for power source.
    High load Protection Capacity  Equipped with the output separation transformer in the machine, and high immunity from interference, providing more comprehensive and perfect protection for the user' device.  Very tiny zero voltage difference, meeting the power supply demand of the precision equipment and device and protecting the safe operation of the device.  Good load compatibility, suitable for loads of different types and meeting the demands of all application situations.
    High Environmental Adaptation  The wide voltage input range reaches 150-310 VAC (add AVR), avoiding from frequently switching to the power supply of thebattery, and suitable for the areas with bad electric environment.
    High Battery Optimization Performance  Intelligent battery management technique, extending the service life of battery and reducing the times of battery maintenance. Advanced constant-voltage charging technique, activating the battery to the maximum extent, saving the charging time and extending the service life of the storage battery.

    Product Features double conversion
    2.DSP technology
    3.Wide voltage input 150V-310V 
    4.stable and reliable performance
    1-15KVA Single-in and Single-out(Technical indexes)
    type RDNU1101 RDNU1102 RDNU1103 RDNU1104 RDNU1106 RDNU1110 RDNU1115
    Rated capacity 1KVA/800W 2KVA/1.6KW 3KVA/2.4KW 4KVA/3.2KW 6KVA/4.8KW 10KVA/8KW 15KVA/12KW
    Rated voltage 220V single-phase
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
    AC input
    Voltage range 220V±25% single-phase
    Frequency range 50/60Hz±5%
    Soft start 0-100%  5sec
    Power factor >0.8
    By-pass input
    Voltage range 220V±25% single-phase
    Frequency range 50/60Hz±10%
    Inverter by-pass (Over load)<1ms
    Voltage precision 220V±1%(table load), 220V±3%( load fluctuation)
    Frequency precision 50/60Hz±0.05Hz(power supply of battery)
    Power factor 0.8(lag)
    Waveform distortion degree Linear load <3%,nonlinear load <5%

  • Technical solution