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HF 10-80kva UPS

Power Range : 10KVA-80KVA
Rated capacity : 380V three-phrase and four-wire
Rated Frequency : 50/60Hz
Voltage range : 380V three-phrase±20%
Frequency range : 50/60Hz±5% automatic detection
Soft start : 0-100%  5sec

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  • Product description
    Adopt pure online dual conversion and DSP control technology on 10-80KVA three-phase high frequency UPS, uses high power component IGBT and SCR. Design of the high-capacity sine wave online smart UPS with contained digitization, informatization, networking based on digital/analog hybrid technology
    Online high frequency UPS is widely used in small data center, network manage center, enterprise server.

    Product feature
      1.Strong workload adaptation
      2.Wide range input voltage, compatible with any type of electric generator
      3.Excellent reliability based on power frequency online dual conversion technology
      4.Perfect charging management system
    Large LCD display, various communication sockets
     6.Impact resistance and isolation power grid disturb with an output isolation transformer
     7.DC start up
     8.Auto restart when power up(battery is empty)
     9.Up to 95% efficiency when ECO mode

  • High frequency 10-80KVA (technology parameters)
    Model  RDHI3310 RDHI3315 RDHI3320 RDHI3330 RDHI3340 RDHI3360 RDHI3380
    Rated capacity 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 60KVA 80KVA
    Main input
    Input voltage 380V/400V/415V,50/60Hz
    Input mode 3Pn+N+PE
    Power factor >0.99
    Total current harmonic distortion THDi<3%
    Voltage range +25%~-40%
    -20%~-40%, load ability liner reduce between 100% to 70%
    Frequency range 40-70Hz
    input voltage 380V/400V/415V
    Voltage range -20%~+15%
    Frequency range +-3Hz (adjust available +-15%)
    Accuracy of voltage -0.01
    Dynamic voltage transient 5%(0-100% load changing)
    Total voltage harmonic distortion THD<1%(liner loaded), THD<3%(nonlinear loaded)
    Power factor 0.9
    Frequency tracking range 50/60Hz +- 3Hz, (adjust available +-15%)
    Frequency accuracy -0.0001
    Phase accuracy 120°+-0.5°
    Voltage unbalance range -0.03
    Frequency follow rate 0.5Hz/s to 5Hz/s
    Peak ratio 03:01
    Over loaded ability 105%, long time working
    110%, transfer to bypass after 1 hour
    125%, transfer to bypass after 10 minutes
    150%, transfer to bypass after 1 minute
    >150%, transfer to bypass after 200ms
    Bypass over loaded ability 135%, Long time working
    135%~150%, 6 minutes
    >180%, longer than 100ms
    System efficiency Normal mode: 95%
    ECO mode: 98%
    Battery mode efficiency 95%
    Surge protection Reach IEC60664-1 class 4 installation requirements, bear 1.2/50us+8/20us combination electronic wave larger than 6KV/3KA
    Level of protection IP20
    Communicate socket RS232,RS485,main socket, SNMP card, EPO, generator port
    Wire type Up and down wiring
    Working temperature 0-40 degree centigrade