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UPS power applications in the industrial field

Release date: 2015-02-11
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Industry as the main body of the real economy, such as covers, including the manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel, coal, electricity and other basic industries and pillar and many other industries, plays an important role in the national economy. Industrial UPS systems for industrial enterprises normal production and operation of infrastructure for a large number of advanced security equipment and information systems of industrial production, continuous operation to provide a reliable power protection in these areas plays a very crucial role.
With the popularity and the "integration of the two" in-depth information technology to promote the automation level of our industry has been greatly improved, a lot of high-end, application of intelligent manufacturing equipment and information systems are becoming increasingly widespread, and thus the matter of industrial safety, Construction and Application of intelligent devices and information systems support the smooth running of the UPS system, but also put forward higher requirements. In this regard, one of the industry's leading suppliers of power equipment and integrated solutions, combining the characteristics of Emerson network energy industrial applications for UPS applications in the industrial field points a scientific analysis, and on how to build flexible, safe reliable, intelligent management of UPS systems for industrial users to make the answer.
As information technology in the industrial sector production, a large number of applications, industrial applications in depth all aspects of operations and management, as well as high-end, sophisticated equipment to supply more and more high quality requirements, requires not only continuity of supply to get reliable protection, but also for the power of purity but also has special requirements. However, in industrial power applications, power quality is often influenced by various factors, such as the power grid pollution, natural lightning, large-capacity motor starting, power factor correction capacitor switching, etc., will directly affect the quality of power supply, cause voltage fluctuations, pulse * and even power outages and other problems. In this context, UPS with its high voltage accuracy, uninterrupted power to the load to provide clean advantages widely used in industrial applications, for industrial production, management provides a reliable power protection.
It should be noted that, in general industrial use UPS and disposed within the data room, cleanliness, temperature and humidity conditions, such as the operating environment can be effectively guaranteed commercial UPS, compared with a big difference. In practical applications, industrial applications UPS to face common industrial dust, mist, heat, noise, dry or too wet and other harsh environmental conditions, as well as radio *, surge, the peak power limit, etc. pollution. Meanwhile, industrial UPS connected load more inductive load, capacitive load fluctuations and the impact of peak load, etc., the impact on the current big. Based on a special environment where industrial production, industry needs to have a performance much higher than commercial UPS with UPS in many aspects of reliability, availability, flexibility, and degree of protection, with a carrying capacity, etc., to deal with industrial applications, harsh physical environment, test environment and load power supply environment.