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Domestic UPS power brands accounted for the domestic market share

Release date: 2015-03-05
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UPS power abroad started in the 1970s, the country started in the late 1980s, the gap between the initial ten years. Domestic UPS power industry after 20 years of development, although foreign started in the 70s in the uninterruptible power supply, the country started in the late 1980s, the gap between the initial ten years. UPS domestic industry after 20 years of development, although the Chinese market, although the overall market share of foreign brands accounted for the most part, however, a small number of large-scale domestic manufacturers in terms of market share, high-end technology is already very close to the international brands The following is a summary of the domestic market demand.
First, the overall size of the domestic enterprise UPS power distribution and sales
Domestic UPS power supply enterprise larger sales of over 200 million yuan of enterprise 5, 1 to 2 billion enterprise 5; 5000 to more than 80 million yuan about business, about 15 to 20; 2500 to 50 million yuan Approximately more than 274 companies around, about 500 to about 25 million yuan, more than 1380 companies, with more than 300 others.
Second, the domestic market with a total capacity of UPS
According to relevant statistics and our analysis, in 2006 the total sales of domestic information equipment UPS power supply market 2.61 billion yuan, total sales in 2007 is expected to reach 2.74 billion yuan. Industrial power UPS UPS power supply system equipment on the market demand of nearly 3 billion yuan. China's market demand for UPS power capacity should total 50 to 60 billion yuan, the market demand is huge.
Third, the domestic market in high-power UPS power capacity
UPS is an uninterruptible power supply in the power industry in the high-end products, according to CCID statistics, in 2006 the Chinese market, sales of high-power UPS power supply 2.21 billion yuan, an increase of 7.3%. Association believes that, if coupled with a high-power industrial power equipment UPS power demand, the market should have a considerable proportion of the rise in sales.
Fourth, industrial power equipment with an uninterruptible power supply market demand
Procurement scale compared with the previous appearance in the telecommunications, finance and other industries during the steady growth, a survey made by a professional organization that because these two sectors will gradually reduce the proportion of investment in hardware, plus these two sectors of UPS ownership rate is higher, so the UPS power demand is unlikely to be a big growth is expected in the future market share will gradually decline. In contrast, some of the market share in the past little demand for manufacturing industries such as transportation, energy industry and other on UPS power supply has shown a rapid growth momentum, especially in the manufacturing sector, SMEs massive rise, it is becoming a new source of power to drive market growth of UPS.
Industrial power equipment market sales of UPS power system with the rapid development of industrial automation equipment and upgrading of equipment, industrial power supply systems UPS power equipment market began to improve in 2000, appeared to accelerate in 2003, with an average growth rate of 16% , January-September 2006 is to reach 18%. With the advent of heavy industrialization period, China's industrialization, urbanization, global industrial chain to accelerate the transfer to China. Association, on the basis of statistical data, analyze the data characteristics, forecasting industrial power UPS power system equipment market over the next five years, the average growth rate of sales will reach 17.5% in 2007, market sales between 30-35 billion, has great potential.