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Plant energy saving plan as a whole

Release date: 2015-03-31
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In the face of increasingly severe climate change issues, in adhere to the "environmental protection and energy saving love the earth" business mission, continue to provide efficient, reliable, overall energy saving solutions.According to the statistics Ren Da high efficiency and energy saving products and solutions in the three years from 2010 to 2012, a total of electricity saving of up to 9.1 billion, equivalent to a reduction of 4.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions;Ren Da in global green building office a year can save up to 10 million KWH, the latest leed-certified Ren Da green building - taoyuan r&d center, fully integrated sets of building energy management solutions, energy saving up to 53% a year.
Lighting energy saving reconstruction system
Move through the PIR human body sensor, combining with lines, to energy-saving lighting control, do people go lamp, people in the light, and can according to indoor illumination automatically judge whether to turn on the light.The system can access control system, to the central monitoring system.This project focus on one layer and the second public area of the illumination energy conservation planning, set up 31 PIR only human mobile sensors and two (2) the man-machine interface, and the PLC control.